Lighting life passage fire emergency lighting arrangement should
Fire emergency lighting is suitable for cinemas, shopping malls, hotels, banks, hospitals, apartments, civil air defense projects, underground facilities and other places requiring uninterrupted lighting...

Installation and maintenance of emergency lights
1. In the engineering design, in order to facilitate maintenance and management in peacetime, it is better to supply fire emergency lighting with special feeder automatic emergency lighting circuit by floor.
How to escape in case of fire
When a fire comes, we must keep a clear mind. We must not panic. We must be calm. This is the basis for survival. Otherwise, we may pay the price of our lives because of our misconceptions.
Future lighting technology: lasers will end leds?
The laser headlights are 170 lumens per watt, and the distance of the road is 600 meters The advantages of LE
Introduction to the Control Mode of Emergency Lamp
The emergency lighting system used in China is mainly of independent control type with its own power supply. The normal power supply is connected to the general lighting power supply circuit. The emergency lamp battery is charged at ordinary times....…